The Jane Not Plain™ Project

Jane Not Plain™ Project 

I am pleased to announce that I am a proud sponsor of the Jane Not Plain™ Project!

The Jane Not Plain™ Project is a book series designed for kids 5-12 to encourage and promote self-esteem, confidence, and character.  As Jane and Jack travel to discover their Inner Awesome™ the meet new friends, discover things about themselves they didn't know before, and gain the confidence they need to journey through life with character. 


"My favorite (character) is the fish!" 
- James (Age 5) 

"I like the pretty colors and beads"
- Blake (Age 3)

"I really like how the books go through and explain abstract ideas and emotions that can be hard for a parent to explain to a young child. Try explaining courage to a 3 year old... These books have opened my sons eyes to a whole new world of wonder and exploration that I never even thought to introduce them to." 

- Rachel (Mom to James and Blake)   

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